Press release

drafted during 4 months by the Free/Libre Culture Forum.
Each year, the FCForum brings together key organisation and active voices in the sphere of free/libre culture. It responds to the need for an international arena in which to put together and coordinate a global framework for action, and to the need to defend and expand the sphere in which human creativity and knowledge can prosper freely and sustainably. As civil society, it is our responsibility to oppose practices that plunder this common heritage and to block its future development.

The Declaration and “How-to” guide to new models of sustainability in the digital era that we are releasing defends our conviction that:

copyright as we currently know it is counterproductive, and the restructuring of existing models is inevitable and imperative; attempts by some entities and corporations to profit through the creation of monopolies, often with the active connivance of government, should be brought to a stop; the sharing and exchange of ideas is of vital importance to culture and we must work towards maximising governmental or institutional initiatives that understand and support these dynamics; it is necessary and important that people be compensated for socially valuable creative work.
This document looks at some of the many possible alternative models, and we should be encouraging and promoting experiments based on these ideas.

We invite citizens, policy reformers and institutions to take the content of this practical proposal into account and to use its release as an opportunity to discuss the future together.

We will continue to collect signatures and contributions. With them we will be developing new versions as new requirements and new solutions appear.